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Can an agency share its dashboard with its clients?
Yes, an agency can share its dashboard with its clients.
Can I run geo-targeted campaigns?
Yes, we have over 25 targeting options and geo-targeting is one of them.
Can I run mobile in-app campaigns?
Yes, we have a global supply for promoting your brands across apps on mobile devices.
Will I be able to schedule my campaigns?
Yes, you can specify the day and time to run the campaigns as per your requirements. Our platform works in the UTC timezone.
Can I select an audience for better targeting?
Yes, we use the services of our 3rd party partners like Lotame for your targeting requirements.
Can I upload my site list?
Yes, you can target a specific set of sites where you want to promote your ads.
Will I be assigned an account manager for help?
Yes, a dedicated account specialist is assigned to all our advertisers to assist you with any queries. Your account manager will also help you get the best ROI and suggest appropriate optimization strategies.
Do you have a CPC model?
Our primary bidding model is purely CPM. However, we do work on the CPC model in certain cases. Kindly contact your account manager to know more about this.
Do you provide CPL and CPI campaigns?
Yes, we do. We also optimize the performance campaigns through our supply and account managers.
Do you provide first party and third party data?
Yes, we do provide first party and third party data.
Does a direct client get dashboard access?
Yes, a direct client can get dashboard access.
How do you ensure that bot ads are not being played?
We have our in-house mechanism to ensure that no bot ads are being viewed. We have partnered with IAS and FraudLogix to get bot-free traffic.
Is IngeniousPlex a self-serve platform?
Yes, IngeniosPlex is a self-serve platform with constant assistance from your dedicated account specialist to get the best out of your advertising spends.
Can an agency get a 30-days credit?
Yes, we do provide a 30-days credit to the clients who have been associated with us for a long time. This is subject to credit references.
Can I do A/B testing for any creative?
Yes, you can perform A/B testing for any creative.
Can I also launch retargeting campaigns?
Yes, our DCO can assist you to retarget your audience. We can assist you with retargeting the audience that clicks your ads through our pixels and macrons.
Is the bidding won on the first or second price?
Bidding is won on a second-price basis.
Does IngeniousPlex suggest any list of sites for my campaign?
Yes, however, this is possible once we start the campaign. IngeniousPlex can check your reports for the sites that can perform the best for you. We can obtain these sites from your reports or media planning and set the targeting to them.
How much time does it take to get traction on the campaigns?
This largely depends upon the targeting set by the advertisers. If the targeting is too niche, traction can be seen within 30 to 45 minutes post the campaign goes live.
What if the campaign does not perform? Can I get a refund?
While we don’t have a refund policy, under exceptional services if none of the KPIs of an advertiser are met, we can refund the amount after a deduction of 10% bank charges.
What is the average CPM for an Indian display campaign?
The average CPM for an Indian display campaign is around $0.15 to $1.5 depending on the source of the traffic.
What kind of reports are available?
We provide you various types of real-time reports to help you gauge the profitability of your ad campaigns. These reports include parameters like the number of impressions served, clicks received, CTRs, CPMs, and ad spends.
With which currency can I pay?
We accept payments only in USD as of now.
What do you mean by white-labeled media buying platform / What is this platform about?
In simple terms, white-labeling means you own the platform. You can rebrand it as per your agency, which means change the logo, domain name, even payment preferences. You get full access to the performance, tracking, and everything.

This is a programmatic platform means the buying and selling of ad inventories happen automatically.

Websites or Mobile Apps what do you mean by that?
It means that you can run ads on any premium apps and websites that you or your advertisers wish depending on the availability of the inventory.
What do you mean by targeting options - Site wise and Category based?
We’ve various targeting options available on our platform. Some of them are geo, postal code, demographics, and lots more. There are also categories like real estate, shopping, finance, food and drinks, and very many other options are available on the platform depending on you and your client’s needs.
Which all agencies are your clients?
As per NDA, we cannot go about disclosing the names of the agencies.
Can I (agency) run ads on social media platforms?
No, you won’t be able to run ads on social media. Only websites and apps.
Which model do you work on or charge on?
We work on CPM based models currently, the cost is as per 1000 impressions.
What is my Agency’s benefit or my clients benefit from using this platform (general)?
As an agency you can build a constant revenue stream by owning the platform, apart from that there are other benefits like complete transparency, better ROI on your spends, multiple targeting options, and lots more.
What do you mean by bonus credits that you mentioned?
We’ve introduced a limited period offer wherein to avail the credits, you’ve to deposit a certain amount upon signing up. There are various price models for your convenience. So the model you select, the bonus will be credited as per that.
What is my (agency’s) benefit from this platform (if they ask about rev share)?
There is a revenue-sharing model on our platform, where you get to decide the share you want to keep for your agency from the total spend on the campaign and also decide what you want to charge from your clients. This information will be confidential to you, your clients won’t have access to this.
What is the universal size of the inventories that you have?
We have very many different inventories for your clients.
How does white-labeling benefit my agency?
White labelling means owning the platform, where you can have your company’s name , logo, and slogan on the platform. running the ads on your platform for your advertiser without letting them know that the platform is purchased
What Payment Terms you work on?
We work on Pre-Payments only. If an agency wants to impanel with IngeniousPlex, we allow Net30 to post extensive credit checks.
Which Payment models do you use?
We use the CPM model only & CPC for POP & Push Notification.
Is your technology self-serve or managed?
We provide both – self-serve as well as managed accounts. You can reach out to our specialist via email in case of any queries regarding either of the accounts.
How much is the minimum pre-pay for using IngeniousPlex?
You can deposit as low as $500, with a budget of no less than $50 / day.
Do you allow tag-based creatives?
Yes, we do allow tag-based creatives. Only Sizmek and DCM creatives will be approved on premium SSPs. We have close to 50+ SSPs where we can use tag-based creatives.
Which tracking platform do you use?
We use Appsflyer for tracking. We are also onboarding a few major 3rd party tracking tools in the coming weeks.
How do you monitor the quality of the traffic?
We track clicks and conversions using the right pixel in place.
Which SSPs do you work with?
We have all the major SSPs integrated with our DSP. Google, Rubicon, PubMatic, Synacor are a few of those to name.
What are your top geos?
We have traffic from across the globe, however, majorly from US & India.
Where are your servers based?
Our servers are based in the US East.
How frequently is data updated in reporting?
We update our reports every 15 minutes following the UTC time zone.
What is a DMP-DSP Hybrid?
We leverage data from various DMPs like liveRamp , Zapr, Digitalkites to target our advertiser’s desired audiences.
How to delegate access to other peers or how can I add users to my login?
You will have to reach out to us via email to enable additional logins for your peers.
Are you GDPR, CCPA compliant?
We are in the process of getting compliance. Meanwhile, We can still serve ads on EU Inventory for the users who have opted out of it.
Can I target multiple media channels under a single campaign?
No, you will have to select one of the channels mentioned – Banner Desktop, Banner InAPP/Mobile, Native & Video. We also have Push Notification and POP.