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Interstitial Advertising

Grab the attention of your prospects by engaging them with full-page ads and boost the conversion rate.

Native Advertising For Users & Advertisers
Interstitial ads are full-screen interactive ads appearing on the app or a site between the content so there is a natural transition. Given their nature, interstitial ads leave a lasting impression in the users’ minds which boosts the CTR and ultimately secures a better conversion rate.

Why Interstitial Ads?

Captures Attention Instantly

Interstitial ads capture the full page of its host site or app. This makes them ideal to capture the attention of the users instantly which boosts engagement and conversion.

More Room For Creativity

Interstitial ads provide marketers an opportunity to play around and experiment with the text and images. Because they’re full-page ads, enough text can be accommodated to make it look appealing.

Engaging Ad Experience

Interstitial ads can turn out to be interesting and hence boose engagement if their placement is taken care of. Compelling ad content and relevant imagery improve the user experience to its best.

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