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IngeniousPlex assures seamless experience, hence we offer both – in-house as well as managed services. We help you through your programmatic journey right from scratch till you’re fully equipped with the knowledge as to how to create, run, and manage your own campaigns.

In-house Programmatic

If you’re looking for more control, enhanced management of your data, targeting that is detailed enough to meet your brand goals, and at the same time increase the cost efficiency and transparency, then the in-house programmatic solution is ideal for your requirements. Get your own programmatic platform powered by cutting-edge technologies like RTB, AI, and ML along with all the other essential technical support to effectively run your campaigns in-house.

In-house Programmatic

Managed Services

Generally small and large agencies prefer our managed services so they can focus on their core expertise of strategy and creative. We help them in creating media plans and execute them on their behalf in exchange for small fees.

Programmatic Direct

Get a priority first-look access to premium inventory. Stay assured of your brand safety as your ads are placed only on premium websites selected by you.

PPC Advertising

Our team of growth hackers and data experts will assist you in securing maximum results from your campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Our social media & PPC advertising team will help you target the nuanced audiences on each platform and leverage them to improve your ROI.

Programmatic Campaigns

Get your programmatic campaigns managed professionally by our industry experts and achieve maximum returns on your investments.