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Advertiser AccountAgency Account
Support & Account Management
Comprehensive Self-Serve UI
Platform Training
Live Chat & Phone Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Early Access to Beta Features / Solutions / Channels
Targeting Features
Postal Code (Zip/Pin)
Device Type
Operating Systems
Carrier / ISP
Connection Speed & Type
IAB Category
Ad Position
Device IDs (Advertising IDs)
Ad Exchanges / SSP’s
Websites & Apps
Page URLs
Creative Features
Std. IAB Banners
Premium Ad Server’s JS Tags
Third Party Ad Server’s JS Tags
Reporting Features
Drill Down Reporting
Downloadable Reports
Tracking Features
First Party Audience Pixel
Conversion Tracking - Dynamic Postback Pixel
Advertising Channels
Display Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Native Advertising
Video Advertising
OTT/CTV Advertising
Advertising Solutions
Branding Ads
Location Ads
Retargeting Ads
Audience Extension
Multicultural Marketing
App Marketing
PMP Deals
Agency Features
Custom Branding (White Labeling)
Sub-Advertiser Management
Sub-Advertiser Accounting
Sub-Advertiser Profitshare Controls
Custom Sub User Roles (Reporting / View Only/ Admin)
Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

Other Common Queries

How much do you charge as Revenue Share / Percentage on Media Spend?
We charge a total of 20% on media spend. This includes the cost of infrastructure, ongoing development and maintenance cost of the RTB technology.
How do I add funds?
You can add funds to your account using your credit card or a cheque, bank transfer (NEFT) information in India. Whereas our international clients can transfer the money via credit card, bank transfer (ACH) or a wire transfer to our bank account in the US. We recommend you to connect with your account manager to get additional details.
How much do I need to add as an initial deposit and a minimum subsequent deposit?
You’ll need to add funds worth $100 and $500 for advertiser and agency accounts respectively. Note that the funds are fully usable. Post that, for both types of accounts, you’re free to add funds as low as $100 as per the needs of your campaign.
What does it mean by monthly minimum spends?
Monthly Minimum spend is the minimum amount you need to spend across all of your advertisers on our platform. This spend refers to the amount you spend with IngeniousPlex for your clients, not the amount you collect from your sub-advertisers.
Can I set up profit shares with my advertisers?
Yes, you can set up a percentage of media spends as profit shares for managing and serving your advertisers.
What payment method can I use to collect money from my sub-advertisers?
Stripe and Razorpay can be used for payment Gateway apart from your offline methods of collection.
Can I change my plan?
Yes, you can however we would not be able to migrate any of your campaigns, sub advertisers, audience, etc into a new account as both plans have completely different structures at the backend.